All these teachings have led me to understand the importance of listening to and honouring the land as we re-introduce these ancient arts and practices into our modern world. This involves stepping out of the 'classroom' or 'workshop' room and the security of our minds, and into the wildnerness of nature, and the mystery and wisdom of our bodies and hearts. Through listening and connecting to the land we then naturally connect with our ancestors and the spirits, for this is where their presence is strongest. This also helps us to re-balance and connect to the true essence of ourselves, bringing personal and collective healing.

I have worked full time as a Shamanic healer and teacher for over a decade and in Astrology, Tarot and other forms of divination, cultivating and grounding the skills I have learnt into my own practice, whilst learning so much more along the way.

I am fortunate to have had my work documented in the national press, including magazines: Sacred Hoop, The Journal of the Astrological Association of Great Britain, Natural Health, Spirit & Destiny, Soul & Spirit and local and BBC radio.  I'm a member of the Society for Shamanic Practitioners and the Astrological Association of Great Britain. My first book- 'The Heart of Life- Shamanic Initiation & Healing in the Modern World- was published in November 2015 by Moon Books.

She brings a a great holding and nurturing energy to the courses. Leah is also an actress and has worked in theatre and television for over 30 years. She is a mother of two grown up girls. More details at www.arbourhealing.co.uk and leahbracknellyoga.com

Since then he has deepened into the shamanistic spiritual path , merging all he has learnt through his life into a daily spiritual practice and working as a part time shamanic healer. He has also, since completing his course, being fortunate to make connections with , and receive teaching from, some amazing Marakame's (master shamans) from the Wirrarika / Huichol peoples of Mexico that has helped him integrate and deepen his connection with Spirit and the world.

David has also supported his wife through her Second Sight Healing practitioner training and has a deep understanding of both being on the training and supporting someone on it. He is very excited to be part of this year and is looking forward to supporting and laughing with all who have chosen to courageously walk this life transforming and amazing path.