Astrology maps the cosmos but it also maps our souls. It is based on the age old maxim 'as above, so below.' Or to put it another way, every movement in outer reality is connected to inner reality, so the movement of the planets around our solar system has an immediate affect on our inner worlds. We just have to look at the statistics from the police that mark sharp increases in violent crime around full moons to be shown a very obvious example of this, hence the term 'lunar(tic)'.

In recent times, the travelling of Pluto (the destructive force of the universe) into Capricorn (ruling structure, governments, banks etc) in 2008, was perfectly synchronistic with the financial collapse. The transit will last 11 years, suggesting there will be quite fundamental change to the structures that make up our world in that time. This will affect us both personally and globally. We also saw in spring 2011 when Uranus (the revolutionary force of the universe) moved into Aries (ruling fire, outward movement, and war), the astrological signature for the Arab Spring.

These are just two small examples of how astrology can so accurately describe the meaning of the time and give us an insight into how the universe is made up of patterns that can be read and interpreted.

We are made up of such patterns- patterns of thought, emotional patterns, patterns of behaviour and we constatatly ritualise our life into patterns of action. Sometimes these patterns offer us security, sometimes they become our prisons. Astrology offers the perfect tool to look deeper at these patterns , where they are useful and can be used creatively, and where they are destructive and can be turned in upon ourselves and thus need healing.

It does this by assisting us to get to know the complexities and depths of our character, giving us a clearer, more detached, perspective on who we really are, leading to compassion for our diverse and sometimes conflicting natures. We can then begin to integrate all sides of ourselves and through this process of becoming whole discover hidden talents and motivations that will inform us in making truly conscious decisions about where we want to go in life.

As Uranus and Pluto now combine in the sky, marking a three year process until 2015 and beyond where people, socities and nations will hit their edges, and sudden change and deep transformation becomes the constant, it is a time where astrology can really fulfill it's fundamental role, as a magical tool to assist us in bringing about positive change and healing into the world.

For an article exploring astrology's relationship to shamanism and my journey with them both, please click here.

Individual consultations will cover all the above but will also examine specifics in a practical, down to earth way: Major decisions; Career changes/ Opportunities; Relationship questions/ dynamics; Travel: Life paths and Creative outlets. Spiritual crisis/ upheavals. The healing path needed at this time. It will also cover future potentials giving an insight into what influences are likely to be prominent in a persons life over the next twelve months and how to make the most of them.

Synastry is the study of two people's charts together, how they influence and what affects they will have on each other, in order to gain an insight into that most frustrating yet rewarding of human dramas: close personal relationships. The relationship itself, what direction it is likely to head in, can also be studied through analysing the composite chart. Both methods reveal profound insights into relationships and can be offered to couples or individuals seeking a greater understanding of what has brought them to a particular partnership. Professional and familiar relations can also be examined to get a clearer insight into what is occurring between two people and help resolve any conflicts or decisions that need making.

'Although I have had my astrological chart analyzed in the past, Jez's interpretation was the most insightful and profound. His has an ability to intuitively see the bigger picture of what is going on in your world. He really digs deeply to extract your true essence and what the core issues are to be worked on. Several times I felt he was so in tune with me, he was able to take words right from my mouth!'


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