The Shamanic Path- Healing the Earth, Our Ancestors and Ourselves

This non-residential weekend workshop is an opportunity to delve into the shamanic pathway, including a fire ceremony on the Saturday night. It is suitable for complete beginners and those more experienced. We will be exploring the nature of sickness and healing from a shamanic perspective. This will focus on our relationship with the earth, our ancestors and our own spirits.

We will explore how our separation from the earth and the part of our soul that connects to it is causing much sickness in the modern world and how this can be healed. We will be looking at embodying the power needed to fully come into our bodies and plant the seeds for a new way of being in the world. We will look how we can part of the earth's healing in these perilous times by exploring how we can relate to pain and release it without it taking it personally and how to connect with spirit teachers for this. In this time of deep winter, this includes exploring the 'darkness' in our own souls and the soul of nature and how to bring it into the light, as is the tradition at Imbolc.

We will also begin to explore how we can become aware of and heal the ancestral burdens we may be carrying. This will involve connecting to our ancestors in ceremony and will also reveal some of the 'ancestral gold'- the many latent gifts in our bloodline that we can bring forward to enhance our lives.

Finally we will look at our own soul's journey and how the 'stories' we telll ourselves can inhibit or enhance our experience of life on this sacred planet.

We will explore all the above using ritual, ceremony, shamanic trance and deep process work.

DATES: 21st- 22nd JANUARY 2017
COST: £175 Early bird (paid before 21/10/16) £195 after

Contact here for more info or to book your place