The principal role of the shaman is that of healer. For thousands of years, shamans all over the world have undertaken healing on individuals, their communities and the wider environment of which they are a part.

It is the same today; those who walk the shamanic path soon realise that, having received so many blessings and gifts of power from the spirits, there then comes a responsibility to give back, to be of service. And the most time-tested and direct ways of doing this is to allow the spirits to work through us for healing. We then become, as we call in modern terms, the shamanic healer.

Cross culturally, from Siberia to South America, Europe to Australia, shamans have understood the nature of illness as being a disease of the soul. It is our invisble selves that hold the blueprint for all our experience of reality- physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. If there are problems in any of these areas, then the root cause of the problem will be on a soul level. Shamans have always sought to heal any illness by the treating the invisible disturbance that is causing it, whereby the outer symptom can then heal themselves.


But before anyone would be taught the techniques of healing in traditional cultures, they would first have to be initiated- to connect them with the invisble powers of nature, their ancestors and the helping spirits. Through these initiations they would learn how to contain these powerful, healing energies, to protect themselves and others when working shamancially.

In this unique two year training, we will spend the first year focussing on initiation. This will teach particpants experientially how to connect to the invisible healing powers; to feed, sustain and contain them. This will be done through learning the art of ceremony, which is the conduit and container for all spiritual energies. Participants will undergo a series of challenging, initiatory rites through the Four Seeds Initiations. At the same time, working through the elements and around the ancient tool of the 'Medicine Wheel', a framework will be created that can be used for personal and collective transformation. Because the training is held in the heart of nature, in the woods, it also benefits from allowing the work and ceremony to be held by strong, invisible protective forces and thus can go much deeper.

To truly understand the nature of illness from a soul perspective and to be effective in treating it in this way, we have to get to know our own souls intimately. This includes some of the 'negative' or hidden aspects of our being, the wounds and blockages, that we may have spent a lot of time or energy either avoiding or running away from. By healing these important aspects of who we are, or the stories of who we have been that lie behind them, we can free up extraordinary amounts of energy that will help us to become much more effective healers. This will also help us to recognise and become more atuned to the destructive patterns in others that can lead to soul ill health, for we are only able to recognise and heal pain in others when we have recognised and begun to heal the pain in ourselves.

Thus, this course involves much more than the mere learning of techniques or 'knowledge'. It is designed to assist you in mining the depths of your own souls for exploratory and healing purposes which will be the essence of the work in the first year. Working in circle and community assits a lot in this, not only by offering refelctions to your processes, but also by bringing partcipants into greater trust with each other, helping to heal the all too common heart wounds of modern living. Shamanic healing has always traditionally been practised in community. Groups are kept to a maximum of sixteen participants to insure that this is possible, as well as insuring that you receive good attention by myself and the minmum of two more full time assistants.


In the second year of the course, we will begin to learn and practise the healing techniques and thus learn the art of becoming a shamanic healer. Training in Ancestral Healing, Pyschopomp work to heal the dead, removal of negative energies through Spirit Extraction, Power Retrieval and Soul Retrieval plus other lesser known techniques will all be covered. This will be done from the perpective of what practically works as opposed to theory.

The advantage of this course is it is run by someone who has over a decade of experience treating people shamanically on a full time basis. This means the techniques are taught from the experience that comes from having carried out healings on literally thousands of different people. And because this practice is ongoing it means that there is a constant adaptation of these ancient healing techniques to treat very modern diseases that participants will benefit learning from, for the nature of the soul sickness that is affecting people at different times collectively is constantly changing.

We will learn in the second year not just the techniques, but a whole philosophy of what causes sickness and thus how it can be treated. This philosophy is one far removed from our modern perspective on reality, yet with the assistance of the spirits and backed up by the first year's initiations, participants will have the opportunity to be able to transfer this philosophy into practical application, to assit others to find real and effective healing.

We will end the course with a final four day initiation and healing intensive which will include a mini pilgrimage to a sacred site in Britain. We will focus on integrating all that has been learnt and send participants out into the world ready to share and ground the power and energy that has been passed onto them by the spirits.

During the first and second year there will also be the rare and exciting opportunity to learn and undergo ceremonies with visiting indigenous elders from the Wixarrika (Huichol) tribe of Mexico. The Wirrarika resisted Spanish incursions and kept their traditions very pure, only begining to share it with Europeans 4 years ago. They are one of only few tribes in Meso America to have a completely unbroken lineage going back it is estimated at least 10,000 years. Over the past six years we have built up a strong friendship and connection with several senior Marakame's (shamans), who come to the woods to share ancient ceremony and teachings from their tradition. This is an optional extra to the training.

The course has already been undertaken by many professionals in both mainstream and alternative healing practises to enhance their work. You may however just have a feeling that you are drawn to assit others and want to start that journey, all are welcome as I believe we all have a piece of the puzzle to contribute and when we gather together in community in a held and safe space, the real magic of healing can be experienced and explored. Magic it is then possible to share with the rest of our communities and our loved ones.

In between the course meetings there will be practises and rituals to complete as well as on-going support being available. This will continue after the course is finished and there is now an optional third year where we will explore ways to hold ceremonial space, whilst deepening our connection to the plant teachers of these lands.

Once the two years have been completed alongside reviewed case studies, participants will have the potential to practice as shamanic healers, having undergone tutelage in the techniques coupled with visceral, practical and initiatory experience into the world of the Shaman.


Venue: We will be working out of a Yurt in the heart of Sussex woodlands situated 45 mins south of London and 45 mins from Brighton.

The couse takes place over two years and involves 4, 4 day workshops from May to September each year. There will also be an extra non residential weekend in January 2018 for integration of the first year and linking to the 2nd year. Cost for each year is £1795, early bird, if booked and paid before 1st January 2019 or £1945 if paid after this date. This includes all food, accommodation and training.

For more details of the first year Four Seeds Initiations click here. For more details of the second year please click here


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