Each card will be looked at in considrable depth, exploring meanings that are little known, and emphasising the fluid nature of interpretion of the cards by relating them to the person being read for, the context of their lives at present and their relationship with the energies present in their lives. We will look at different spreads to and how to 'read' these spreads, meaning that participants will leave the course able to undertake readings for themselves and others. The course includes a free 100 page handbook detailing meanings of the cards alongside spreads.

Because we work with the 'spirit' of the tarot, this course takes people on a deep journey of self development and personal healing alongside teaching practical tools to assist participants to be of immense use to others in their personal and professional lives. It is suitable both to complete beginners and those who already have a working knowledge of the cards.

The course runs for two 10 week blocks which can be booked seperately or together:

In Course One we get to know each card intimately alongside exploring and developing intuition and psychic abilities.

In Course Two we go deeper with the cards and begin to explore practical applications including spreads from
1 -21 cards and the 'art' of giving an effective reading.

The course runs weekly on a Monday evening from 7.15-9.45 at Two Feathers in Brighton and will begin on Monday 2nd November 2015.

Price for each 10 week block is £245.

Please email here to book your space or for more information.

'I have had a lifelong fascination and affinity to the Tarot, although never fully connected to it. Often carrying the fear society can place upon it. This year I completed a course with Jez, which finally grounded in the energy and magic of the cards. Totally dispersing any myths and superstition I had swallowed. Exploring and learning the tarot with Jez was like my own Fools journey. Meeting each card in a magical way. Not just understanding them from a book, but meeting them through the heart, mind and spirit. Each week held the flavour, magic and energy of the cards we were exploring. Now I feel confident to use this tool in my work.'

Alison Mason.