The Seed Sprouts. The rising sun. Birth and Rebirth. Spirit and imagination. Potential. Seeding our life with passion, the spirit of expansion and adventure. Aggression, pride and will as sources of strength. The hearth fire. The desire to be born, to live and to burn bright. Playfulness, the magical child and the hero’s/ heroin's quest. The spirit of the Warrior, he/ she that protects and serves.

On this workshop we will explore all of the above and more. We begin our journey around the Wheel
and get to know our spiritual allies in a visceral way. We will also undertake a sacred fire ritual and connect to our ancient ancestral heritage, embracing the fire deep into our souls and moving beyond the masks of self deception and false posturing to discover, express and release our true spirits.


The Seed Blossoms and Bears Fruit. The river of life. Nurturing and guiding us on our journeys. Love and grief as praise of life. Our ability to truly taste life through our emotions. The ebb and flow, changing tides. Letting go, letting flow. Receptivity. Interconnectedness of everything. Love. Dreams and visions, psychic awareness. The blood. Family. Ancestral ties and ancestral wounding. Our commitment and responsibility to ‘all of our relations’.

Learning from the above and more, we will dive deeply and drink of the sacred wellspring of life. We will join together, in community in a Sacred Sauna to gift back to the earth our sweat and tears, so that they may seed further life. We will listen and align our own heartbeats with the heartbeat of the earth, giving and receiving love as we learn to walk in beauty.



The Seed Releases, Flying Free. The breath of life. The wind. That which connects us to the invisible realms of spirit. Eldership. Wisdom and gratitude. Wise counsel. Responsibility. Freedom. Truth. Change. Transformation. The Magician who can alter reality and destiny. Vision. Knowing and honouring our sacred place on the earth and the duty we have to perform here.

We will explore the above. We will undertake a Sitting Out ceremony, spending a night alone in nature, seeking a vision that we can live by- to give our life purpose and direction. We will look to understand our place as masters of our soul, able to steer the nature and pathways of our lives through conscious decision making. We will also explore the nature of our subtle energetic 'dreaming bodies' and how these feed our perceptions of reality.